About My Teachers Diary

My Teachers Diary emerged from the realisation that deep into the 21st Century, school children are still taking home a scruffy paper homework diary, usually paid for by parents. Teachers are still spending their schools, and their own money buying specialist journals to record their term schedules.

We thought there was a better and less expensive way to manage school diaries - and here it is, MyTeachersDiary.com. Teachers can create an account, or a school can create accounts for all their teachers. Students can register easily - there are no complex integrations or systems, everyone takes ownership of their own account, just like they've looked after their paper diary in the past.

Our background is in education and educational technology. We have worked for some of the world's leading educational publishers and technology companies.

And now we want to save your school, teachers and parents money. Whilst at the same time, bringing the process of keeping accurate lesson and homework diaries into the present day. We'll be adding features and developing mobile apps soon. Watch this space, or even better email us at info@myteachersdiary.com to let us know how we can improve and build a product that will eliminate paper diaries for good.

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